Writing Journal

2015 Goals

It’s been one long year.

In that time I’ve written 6 comics, 3 short stories, a bunch of articles, and many poems. I’m now in my second year of paying the bills with words. I’ve wanted to be able to say that since I was a kid.

I’ve also managed to make a book go from 0 chapters to 4 chapters. Which is mind bendingly slow, but I’m new to it. I always used to get bored when I got to about 4000 words. Now I’m forcing myself to think bigger.

This is a long, lonely and difficult road I’m on. There are hundreds of thousands of writers out there and thousands of good ones. Competition is fierce. So am I.

My goals for 2015 are:

– Publish a short story

– Publish a comic

– Finish the book

– Keep writing 1000 a day, increase to 2k where possible.

– Observe, reflect and create.

These are pretty achievable from my POV, so it’s just a matter of sticking to it.

Thank you for your support over the last year, I hope you enjoyed the writing and I know you’ll love what is in store.

Writing Journal

Recent work

Hi to anyone who happens to be reading this.

I’ve not been active on here recently, mainly because my attentions are focused elsewhere. I’m currently editing a comic and then on to continue this sci-fi novel that has been hanging around my neck. I have a few old short stories I’ve found again, so I’m going to post those and there will be new poetry every so often when I’m breaking from the other stuff.

In other news, life as a technical writer is never dull. Learning a whole lot about how to get a message across. Learning to be more of a minimalist in my writing.

I hope you enjoy some of the stuff I’ll be bringing out soon. I hope that it’s good, there’s nothing worse than the internal doubting narrative that convinces me I’m not able to string words together. I seem to swing naturally into a mode of self deprecation and loathing. I am now, however, unequivocal in my ambition to paddle against the roaring seas of doubt.

Writing Journal

Language is slippery – Writing Journal

So every evening after work I’m writing for two hours, building a piece of a new world. Over the last two weeks I’ve put together a short story ( The Morrigan, you can check it out here if you like: http://wp.me/p3XSzp-2d), and I’ve started putting together the start of a completely separate work. I think it’s going to be my first novel.

I didn’t come to this decision lightly, there have been many page ones, and many first chapters. Never a full novel. Being honest, the only reason for this was my own procrastination and fear of failure.

I am so afraid of failing, and a lot of it comes down to my own self criticism and resistance. I work really hard in my day job, and always try to give 110% I know that’s kind of cliché, but in all honesty, I devote myself to writing in work. I try really hard to improve constantly.

The downside of this is that I obsess over mistakes, and can take it hard when I make mistakes. I’m unhappy with my progression even when things are going really well.

The upside is that this approach to work helped me contrast how I was treating my personal writing. I wasn’t being professional, I was acting as if the personal writing was too much work. In reality, it’s the work that I will leave behind when I’m gone, and I was ignoring it.

No more, I am swayed, I will complete this work. Procrastination can suck it. I believe in myself now,  and I’m ready to embrace the pain and rejection and hard work. Toiling on my own words to the point of near madness, drawing up ‘a beautiful mind’-esque spider graphs with imaginary people and places. I’ve started, and I know I will finish.

It’s not going to be easy, but if you think writing is easy, you’re probably doing it wrong.


Writing Journal

My Writing Plan – Trying to Defeat Procrastination


















I am determined to defeat procrastination. I haven’t written enough fiction lately, and I want to devote more time to the crafting of stories. With this in mind, and in another depressingly nerdy move, I’ve added an event reminding me to write every day. 



Yup, it’s pretty lame, but I’m hoping it will help motivate me to get my 10’000 hours in.