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Flakey MacBook Wifi Finally Resolved for Local Writer

A local man, whose MacBook Pro had, for over a year, been subject to repeated random drops of internet connection, has reported today that he is finally free from the tyranny of bad WiFi.

Patrick Hammond, 29, and a self described “comic books and other stuff writer, gave a candid interview on his elation upon fixing the problem with a simple software update. “When I first got my MacBook it worked fine, across a few different Access Points. I had gone through a few different routers with my internet provider. My first issues began after the “Mavericks” update, which seemed to be influenced by the use of Bluetooth devices. after banishing all Bluetooth, the problem hadn’t resolved itself.”

At this point he began smiling manically, like a man delirious with the exhilaration of new-found freedom.

“I wrote a bash script, and subsequently a cron job, with the specific purposes of doing one simple thing. Pinging my access point. It was shocking to me that this, not inexpensive, machine needed a fix that amounted to constantly keeping some kind of connection alive to the router for any hope of stable WiFi.”


This worked, for a while, but after moving to another country, the new router seemed to throw out all the old rules.

“Now a ping would see 5 or 6 packets drop in succession and all internet activity would randomly cease. Sometimes it…it was worse…” Hammond stifled a tear, and looked off wistufully. “I tried everything, resetting the router, completely clearing any WiFi passwords, any saved access points, creating new WiFi locations, turning off airdrop services. Writing more scripts just to try and turn off any similar services that randomly start, because that’s a thing apparently. I fiddled with DNS settings, DHCP leases. Renewing the DHCP lease seemed to work…I…I forced IPv6 into link-local mode…  To try and bypass the DHCP problem, but…it was all for naught… ”

Any imagined success in these efforts was the cruel demons of technology sending out a mirthful false positive, and sure enough, the problem would rear it’s ugly head again.

However, on Saturday evening, Hammond installed Mac OS Sierra, the latest update from Apple inc. Upon install, he gingerly ran a ping, tentatively waiting for the dropped packets. They did not arrive. Or, rather, they did arrive, at his access point. Consistently.

Footage of celebrations on the street emerged after the software update fix was confirmed. Hammond was quoted as saying “I’m as happy as I’ll ever be now!” with a weary smile that betrayed a broken man.