The People are Crying – a response to Michael D Higgins’ “The Prophets are Weeping”

Well Michael D, our fine President, wrote a little poem, so I present to you, my response:

Our president sits down to his desk,
He considers the keyboard,
He mulls over his thoughts.
Then, releasing a breath,
He begins to type,
A new work.
The prophets are weeping,
That’s a good hook,
It’s emotive, and inspired.
The people are weeping,
Twenty-eight per cent,
Who live in deprivation.
The people are weeping,
Ninety-nine per cent,
Who have less than you.
The children are crying,
In direct provision.
The families are crying,
In Dublin flats.
The mothers are crying,
Criminals for making a choice.
The people are crying,
No money left.
So while you wax poetic,
Excuse the pun,
While you busy yourself,
Writing away,
About this world of terror.
Remember, little man,
You sold out your people,
You are no better.


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