For Endings and Beginnings

To realise, all of the actions were merely pretending, feigning and lying.

The testimony provided, now falling in to disrepute, cannot be trusted.

When described in such certain terms, the mind now rendered and become,

A single word, a solitary thought, personality, merely fragile, is thus undone.

The words don’t flow as they used to between the pair of wretches who once danced in rain,

The woman found another man, a few short weeks to start the game again,

The man once unhappy pawn, foolish for the fights and fury. Now calm, simply uncaring.

You make the bed you lie in, and the dust it settles on the other side of the mattress now.

And it’s company is precious like the person, absent, probably never loving, anyhow.

When dancers turn into nightmares, they throw down their stethoscopes, fix the hem and fight.

When dancers turn into nightmares, they are the bringers of destruction, love and light.

When dancers turn into nightmares, they never tell a soul, they want to seem whole, fulfil a role.

When dancers turn into designer dreams, nothing that seems, is or even was. Portray scenes with seams.

Fly out of the chest and into the mind, begging the sun to make the heart blind,

Crying “for god’s sake, let me out of this maze”, abandoned and lonely and passing the days,

The coffee is thick and the cream is delicious, 

Please do not think of my failures as vicious.

To virtue, the endless sorrowful remorse, this trait is endearing to the worst of all.

In order to soar above, rise and fly in the air, the little bird must dutifully fall,

The falling’s the thing that will help him to spring.

Allow the air catch him, let the wind grasp hold and take him high, lift the body to the sky.

Desperate disparate denizens of divorce, deny not your duty.

Remember the option of remorse, the executioner waits for your word to use force.

Examine the inside of each china cup, ornate with flowers, patterns cut up.

Destiny will bind, if allowed to make play, no-one to talk to and nothing to say,

Abhor to remember,  wish not to forget, pray for sincerity in apparent regret.


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