New Years Eve 2011 – A Poem

Innocent love, you and I,
impossible, and yet we tried.
Our time it spanned one, just like this,
a year, for us to laugh and kiss.

With velvet wings you pulled me close,
you wrapped me up, you overdose,
and growing sick of my discourse,
you leave, and you leave me of course.

I don’t mean to paint you wrong,
that’s the way of wretched songs,
that’s the way of the world, lover.
More of which I’ll soon discover

For when my brushstrokes land upon you,
when my easel bends to greet you,
all my words, that some call art,
just the thoughts of broken hearts

Happy new years, little lover,
I gave you more than any other.
Still so little, still so useless,
I tried, i tried, but I am hopeless.


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