My Inspirations, Spider Man and Hamlet

I’ve been writing since I was a little boy. I took to writing a little better than speaking, the opposite of the gift of the gab so notorious among Irish people. When speaking I didn’t have time to organise my thoughts, I wasn’t the quick fire type as child, but in my stories I could create heroes in my image who always had the last laugh, and the quick witted one liner. This approach to writing a protagonist came from two places, William Shakespeare’s Hamlet and Spider-Man. I was a nerdy kid, ok?

Spider-Man and Hamlet are both masters of wit, both muster the right words at the right time to put down their enemies. The main difference between the two heroes? How they feel about their uncle. In Spider-Man, uncle Ben is the reason that Peter embraces his role as a crime fighter rather than a freak show. In Hamlet, the prince hates his uncle, and plots revenge for the murder of his father. Pretty different.

I’ve recently made a commitment to myself to return to writing in my spare time, I’m not sure how much of this can manifest itself on blogs and twitter. I want to write comics, because it’s the medium that changed my life as a kid and still blows me away today. With authors like Neil Gaiman understanding how powerful an art form the graphic novel is, comics are gaining more respect for their writing than ever before.

Rightly so, Comics were much maligned as low brow for so long, by people who didn’t understand the talents of comic writers like Alan Moore or Grant Morrison. Much as the people of the renaissance could not, from their culturally myopic viewpoint, understand the historical importance of Shakespeare’s plays.I’ll keep you posted on my progress, have you ever wanted to write a comic?


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